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IdeaBase Issue Solving Sessions

  • Brainstorm anywhere - anytime
  • Unlimited Free Participants
  • Customize for the way you work
  • Get detailed session reports
  • Includes creativity skills training
  • $49 per 30-day IdeaBase Issue Solving Session

IdeaBase enables collaborative issue solving sessions and crowd-sourced collection of ideas and issues.

IdeaBase Suggestion Boxes

  • Unlimited Ideas - Issues - Opportunities
  • Create different suggestion boxes for each audience
  • Centralized idea, problem/opportunity storage
  • Detailed reporting
  • Deactiviate any time - data is saved.
  • $49 per suggestion box per 30 days

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How IdeaBase Sessions Work

IdeaBase issue-solving sessions integrate the 3-step design-thinking inspired PrOp Issue-Solving Method. It was perfected during over 200 on-site sessions for leading Fortune 500 companies.

Break Down The Problem/Opportunity

Define and describe different aspects of the issue from the perspective of each participant. List each element of the problem/opportunity like needs, root problem causes, process steps, barriers to success, product musts, etc. Focus on each item listed and generate ideas.

Use Powerful Creativity Tools

Think outside the box by using the included creative thinking tools.

  • Analogies – Who or what does something related to your issue
  • Principles – How things work or function, rules, physical laws related to your issue
  • What If questions – Put reality on hold and speculate with fellow participants

Capture & Refine Ideas

Build on initial ideas and generate more ideas. Rate ideas and refine the best ideas with additional information and documentation.

IdeaBase Features & Benefits

Better Solutions

IdeaBase guides your team through a proven cognitive creative problem solving method. Everyone’s experience, knowledge and insights are leveraged to generate better solutions.

Collaborate With Anyone

Collaborate with anyone to generate better on-target solutions.  No per collaborator charge.

Suggestion Box

Activate IdeaBase Suggestion Boxes for different audiences like employees, customers, students, vendors, etc.  Only pay when you use a suggestion box. Turn them on or off with one mouse click.

Crowd Source

Get ideas for a specific problem or opportunity from anyone in the world, even if they don’t subscribe to IdeaBase. Free.

Implement Solutions Faster

Everyone has a voice which makes buy-in to solutions deeper and faster.

Builds Team Morale

Get input from the most reserved to the most outgoing.  Those who don’t feel creative can learn cognitive creative thinking skills by viewing our included video training course Generating Ideas – Creativity For Everyone.


IdeaBase Uses

Product & Service Development
Process Improvement
Business Deployment
Strategy and Plans