Getting Started – Administrator

Do These Steps First…

          – Departments, Divisions, Financials+, Idea Types, Problem Types

  • Add users to your account
  • Setup optional Suggestion Boxes
  • Learn the PrOp Issue Solving method CLICK HERE

IdeaBase Administrator Functions

  • Customize labels and information templates
  • Setup and manage IdeaBase user within their organization 
  • Assign submitted problems/opportunities and ideas 
  • Manage optional Suggestion Boxes
  • May initiate and lead IdeaBase sessions

User Types Include

  • Administrators – can have multiple administrators
  • Facilitators – can start and lead IdeaBase sessions
  • Participants – can only participate in IdeaBase sessions
  • Report Viewers – can only view IdeaBase session reports

How IdeaBase Sessions Work

IdeaBase sessions integrate the PrOp Issue Solving Method which is inspired by design-thinking and was perfected during over 200 on-site sessions for leading Fortune 500 companies. This 3-step method emphasizes focused collaborative thinking rather than mind-mapping or similar graphical approaches.

Break Down The Problem/Opportunity

Define and describe different aspects of the issue from the perspective of each participant. List each element of the problem/opportunity like needs, root problem causes, process steps, barriers to success, product musts, etc. Focus on each item listed and generate ideas.

Use Powerful Creativity Tools

Think outside the box by using the included creative thinking tools.

  • Analogies – Who or what does something related to your issue
  • Principles – How things work or function, rules, physical laws related to your issue
  • What If questions – Put reality on hold and speculate with fellow participants

Capture & Refine Ideas

Build on initial ideas and generate more ideas. Rate ideas and refine the best ideas with additional information and documentation.

IdeaBase Sessions Overview

Leading Sessions Overview

Leading Sessions Training

Entering Information

Learning Resources

The videos below provide quick overviews of how to lead IdeaBase sessions and what Facilitator users and Participant users IdeaBase screens and functitons look like. You can access our Knowledge Base for help through the IdeaBase help menu or directly by clicking HERE Knowledge Base.

Administrator Demo

Facilitator Demo

Participant Overview

Participant Demo

Suggestion Box Overview

Suggestion Box Demo