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Generating Ideas – Creativity For Everyone

Creative Innovative Thinking Is A Skill

Only about 50% of people think they are not creative, and over 80% say they are too busy to think creatively. That’s a big problem because most people spend much of their time at work trying to solve problems or take advantage of opportunities. Both require ideas. The good news is that the ability to think of creative ideas is a skill that can easily be learned, just like other workplace skills. This workshop will teach anyone to think more creatively and innovatively.

Generating Ideas – Creativity For Everyone Workshop

This 4 – hour workshop is practical and hard-hitting. We don’t waste your time with a lot of filler material just to make it longer and therefore appear to have more value. We focus on quality, not quantity as we teach you the PrOp Idea Generation Method.

This hands-on workshop not only convinces people that they can learn to be more creative and innovative but also gives them practice while collaborating on an opportunity. The workshop is about 75% hands-on practice and 25% presentation of concepts.

What You Will Learn

Our founder developed the PrOp Idea Generation Method based on 20+ years of facilitating idea generation sessions for Fortune 500 companies and working in new product development for P&G, Rubbermaid, and Toro. Along the way he met and learned from hundreds of highly creative people.

This workshop teaches you the secret skills highly creative people use. When you are done, you will understand a simple, powerful 3-step method for being more creative even when you are extremely busy. The PrOp Idea Generation Method.

If you are one of the 50% who thinks you are not creative, you will dramatically improve your ability to think of innovative ideas. If you feel you are creative, you will learn a different way of understanding what you naturally do and be able to apply your creative skills more consistently.

After the workshop, you will …
  • Be more confident in your creative skills
  • Know how to think creatively even when extremely busy
  • Know how to collaborate with others to find innovative solutions to problems & opportunities
  • Be part of a the PrOp community of innovative thinkers
Topics include:

The PrOp Innovative Thinking System – 10 key principles
What is creativity and innovative thinking?
Myths of creativity
Who is creative?
Innovative, Innovate, Innovation what’s the difference?
Defining and describing problems/opportunities
How to use the problem definition/description to generate ideas
Barriers to innovative thinking
What highly creative people do
3 powerful tools to provoke out of the box thinking
Best practices for capturing and refining ideas
Banned phrases
How to react to ideas, synthesize them and refine the best
How to continuously think creatively
What Do You Get?

The workshop “Generating Ideas – Creativity For Everyone”
A free basic version of the PrOp IdeaBase App
Idea generation exercises that you can use on any type of problem or opportunity
Free access to the PrOp member site with idea inspiration and an online community