IdeaBase Facilitators

IdeaBase Session Facilitators are highly trained and experienced independent consultants and coaches who care about helping their clients solve issues.

If you are interested in becoming a certified IdeaBase Session Facilitator, click HERE to apply. There is no cost for training or certification.

Photo of Scott Barlass

Scott Barlass

President The Aixom Group
Work Phone: 561-373-3743 Website: The Axiom Group
Photo of Dr. Roopa Crawford

Dr. Roopa Crawford

President RPC Consulting Group
Photo of Dr. James Downey

Dr. James Downey

President Downey Consulting Group
Photo of Joy Maas

Joy Maas

President Maas Consulting Group
Photo of Dr. Harvey Robbins

Dr. Harvey Robbins

President Robbins & Robbins
Photo of Ryan Strozyk

Ryan Strozyk

President Axiom Group Research
Website: Axiom Group Research
Photo of Dr Alan Zimmerman

Dr Alan Zimmerman

President Dr. Alan Zimmerman Consulting
Website: Dr. Alan Zimmerman CSP