Facilitating Idea Generation Sessions

Facilitating Idea Generation Sessions

Are you tired of unproductive brainstorming meetings?

Become a highly effective idea generation session facilitator. Have you been asked to lead brainstorming sessions for your organization but are uncomfortable because you have not been trained? Have you led idea generation sessions but felt the results were disappointing?

Leading idea generation sessions is a skill that we can quickly teach you to master. We’ve facilitated idea generation sessions for leading Fortune 500 companies for 20+ years and want to teach you the skills, tools, and tricks we’ve honed so you can make your next idea generation session great instead of disappointing!

Facilitating Idea Generation Sessions

This 4-hour workshop is practical and hard-hitting. We don’t waste your time with a lot of filler material just to make it longer and therefore appear to have more value. We focus on quality, not quantity as we teach you how to facilitate PrOp Idea Generation Sessions.

This is a hands-on workshop which teaches you, step by step, how to plan, facilitate and follow up idea generation sessions. You will learn how to maximize the effectiveness of idea generation sessions by integrating the PrOp Idea Generation Process into the session and using the PrOp Idea Generation App as a tool for idea generation, evaluation, and refinement. Included with the training is a toolkit which was developed based years of our facilitating idea generation sessions.

What You Will Learn

Our founder developed the PrOp Idea Generation Sessions method based on 20+ years of facilitating idea generation sessions for Fortune500 companies. We teach you the skills, tools, and tricks we’ve honed so your participants produce more and better ideas in the idea generation sessions you lead.

This practical, no-fluff workshop teaches you, step by step, how to plan, facilitate and follow up PrOp Idea Generation Sessions which are far more effective than brainstorming or ‘touchy-feely’ gatherings.

PrOp Idea Generation Sessions …

Are laser-focused on aspects of the problem/opportunity that are most important.
Use 3 highly effective tools to provoke out of the box thinking.
Use the PrOp Idea Generation App before and after to make the session more than a one-time event. The PrOp App captures ideas that are generated before, during and after the session.

After the workshop, you will …

Feel much more confident facilitating idea generation sessions.
Know how to effectively plan and manage idea generation sessions.
Make your idea generation sessions more productive.
Have participants in your sessions learn new idea generation skills.
Be able to facilitate and assist ongoing idea generation by integrating idea generation sessions with the PrOp IdeaBase App,

Topics include:
  • Goals of group idea generation
  • Role of individual idea generation
  • Facilitator requirements
  • Planning for effective idea generation sessions
  • Facilitator roles and responsibilities
  • Managing PrOp Idea Generation Sessions
  • Dealing with difficult participants
  • Idea generation session wrap up and reporting
What Do You Get?
  • The core workshop “Facilitating Idea Generation Sessions”
  • 1-year free use of the PrOp Idea Generation App ($249 value)
  • Free access to the online course “Generating Ideas – Creativity For Everyone ($149 value)
  • PrOp Facilitator’s Toolkit – a practical guide with forms and advice (PDF)
  • Idea Generation Exercises – Use them as templates for your sessions (PDF)
  • Free access to the PrOp member site with idea inspiration and an online community

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