Fostering An Innovative Culture – 10 Principles

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Fostering An Innovative Culture – 10 Principles

Do You Want Your Organization To Be More Innovative?

Does your organization have a culture that expects and encourages innovative thinking from everyone?

Since much of what we do each day is solve problems and try to take advantage of opportunities, the ability to generate winning ideas is critical. The problem is that only about 50% of people think they are creative, and over 80% say they are too busy to think creatively.

Most organizations try to hire the best people and want their best thinking. Many have installed “suggestion box” systems to get employees ideas. Many have made major investments in continuous improvement initiatives (Lean, kaizen, TQM).

But few have trained leaders on how to foster a culture that expects and supports innovative thinking from everyone. And even fewer have trained their people in a simple process to continuously generate innovative ideas.

Fostering An Innovative Culture

This 4-hour workshop is practical and hard-hitting. We don’t waste your time with a lot of filler material just to make it longer and therefore appear to have more value. We focus on quality, not quantity as we teach you the PrOp Innovative Thinking System’s proven principles for fostering an innovative culture. This hands-on workshop teaches you how to foster and nurture innovative thinking from everyone in your organization and make the skill of generating innovative ideas a core competence, part of your organization’s cultural DNA.

What you will learn

Our founder developed the PrOp Innovative Thinking System based on 20+ years of consulting for Fortune 500 companies and working in new product development at P&G, Rubbermaid, and Toro. He saw what works in highly innovative organizations, and what crushes innovative thinking.

This workshop will teach you why having everyone thinking innovatively is critical, what leaders need to do to foster an innovative culture, and principles for creative thinking for employees to use. When you are done, you will understand how to quickly foster and nurture a powerfully innovative culture in your organization.

After the workshop, you will …

Understand 10 key principles for fostering an innovative organization
Identify barriers to innovative thinking in your organization
Be able to establish a plan to foster a culture of innovative thinking

Topics Include:


The PrOp Innovative Thinking System
  • Ten principles for fostering an innovative culture
  • The PrOp Idea Generation Method
  • What characterizes an innovative organization?
  • How innovative thinking impacts adaptation and change
  • Why having everyone think innovatively matters
  • Where innovating thinking is important
  • Defining and describing problems/opportunities
  • Requirements for an innovative organization
  • Barriers to innovative thinking
  • Why creativity skills training matters
  • How to support innovative thinking with technology
  • 3 powerful tools to provoke out of the box thinking
  • How to lead innovative thinking by example
  • Best practices for capturing and refining ideas
  • Banned phrases that kill innovative thinking
  • How to react to ideas
  • How to continuously think creatively
  • Teams and creative idea generation
What Do You Get?

The core workshop “Fostering An Innovative Culture”
A free basic version of the PrOp IdeaBase App
Idea Generation Exercises (PDF)
Free access to the PrOp member site with idea inspiration and an online community

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