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We've facilitated hundreds of idea generation sessions

We Use IdeaBase

Problems and opportunities last longer than a brainstorming session.  IdeaBase online extends the idea generation process resulting in more and better ideas.  Your IdeaBase Session stays active for 3 months. 

Everyone Gets A Voice

Those more analytic or with quieter personalities often don’t get an equal voice.  The PrOp idea generation method coupled with IdeaBase insures everyone can give their best thinking.

PrOp Idea Generation Method

Our simple, powerful 3-step idea generation method is practical, easy to learn, and use.  It was refined over 25 years while serving many Fortune 500 companies.  PrOp enables cognitive creative thinking; serious creativity for serious problems & opportunities.

Targeted Idea Generation

We help your team define clear areas to focus upon for idea generation. Don’t waste valuable time generating ideas that are so far off target they are a distraction.

3 Powerful Idea Provoking Tools

We use 3 simple yet powerful tools to help provoke out of the box thinking, not embarassing or silly time-wasting activities.

Idea Refinement

We don’t stop with idea generation.  We offer ideas and help refine the best with more information so you can move quickly toward development and implementation.