Dr. Harvey Robbins

Dr. Harvey Robbins

Ph.D Vice President. Organizational & Clinical Psychology


Harvey A. Robbins critically acclaimed book Why Teams Don’t Work (Peterson’s Pacesetters Books), co-authored with Michael Finley, won the Financial Times/Booz Allen & Hamilton Global Business Book Award. Robbins is an important voice in today’s increasingly diverse business environment specializing in team and leadership/executive development (including succession planning and training in the creation and leading of virtual teams), change management, performance feedback systems, and creating collaborative environments.

Harvey brings his wide-ranging experience with America’s major corporations such as the ATF, American Express, Allied Signal, CIA, FBI, FMC, General Dynamics, AT&T, 3M, Honeywell, IRS, International Multifoods, Johnson & Johnson, Mayo Clinic, Nabisco, Southern Company, Target Stores, Toro, US West, U.S. Customs and the U.S. Secret Service, and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Division of the U.S. Navy.

Harvey is also the author/co-author of six additional books; The Accidental Leader (Jossey-Bass), Turf Wars (Scott Forman), How To Speak and Listen Effectively (AMACOM), Why Change Doesn’t Work (Peterson), TransCompetition (McGraw-Hill), and The New Why Teams Don’t Work (Barrett Kohler).

Dr. Robbins’ career path includes work as a personnel research psychologist for the U.S. government (CIA) (‘74-’77) and executive leadership positions with Burlington Northern (Corporate Manager of Training and Development – ‘77-‘79) and Honeywell (Corporate Manager of Organization Development – ‘79-‘82). Since 1982, he has been president of Robbins & Robbins providing business psychology consulting, executive coaching, and training world-wide. He has recently placed his training workshops on-line at www.harveyrobbins.com. In addition, Dr. Robbins is a Fellow at the Executive Development Center at the Carlson School of Management of the University of Minnesota and a popular speaker at both national and international conferences.