PrOp Cognitive Problem Solving Course

The PrOp Cognitive Problem Solving Method was inspired by design-thinking and perfected during over 200 on-site sessions for innovative Fortune 500 companies.

  • Simple to learn and use
  • Highly effective in getting better on-target ideas
  • Emphasizes collaborative diverse thinking, so everyone gets an equal voice

Lesson One: Introduction To The PrOp Cognitive Problem Solving Method

This lesson introduces the concepts that creative problem solving as a skill anyone can learn, and that a method or process is essential for getting the best on-target ideas and solutions. It introduces the PrOp method and provides a quick overview.

Lesson Two: Breaking Problems & Opportunities Down

This lesson covers how to define and describe different aspects of the problem/opportunity like needs, root problem causes, process steps, barriers to success, product musts, etc. This helps make sure everyone is on the same page, encourages different perspectives, and is a springboard to idea generation.

Lesson Three: Three Powerful Creative Thinking Tools

Use Powerful Creativity Tools

Think outside the box by using creative thinking tools.

  • Analogies – Who or what does something related to your issue
  • Principles – How things work or function, rules, physical laws related to your issue
  • What If questions – Put reality on hold and speculate with fellow participants

Lesson Four: How To React To and Refine Ideas

Capture & Refine Ideas

Build on initial ideas and generate more ideas. Rate ideas and refine the best ideas with additional information and documentation.